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Google PageRank is a link analysis program, named after Larry Page co-founder and CEO of Google. With Page Rank technology, Google assigns a numerical weight to each element of a page hyperlink.

Google Page Rank decides where will be your website page listed in Search Results.Page Ranks range from 1 to 10 where 1 is for the lowest Page Rank and 10 is for Highest Page Rank. It is possible newly created websites or never linked websites may not have any page rank.

Google maintains this Page Rank database internal to company and few times shares in the public for analysis. The name "PageRank" is a trademark of Google.

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Google Page Rank Program is used for knowing page rank of any website. brings this information to you instantly, without any captcha or any registeration. Just type the URL and click on find to know the Page Rank.
Disclaimer: We'll try our best to serve you page rank information based on Latest Google Page Rank database. Some of the times there are possibilities we may fail to retrieve latest page rank information from the Google PR database.